Covd 19 Saftey Standards


As States begin to open AAU Dance will seek the advice of the local Health Department /CDC/State and Venue Guidelines with regards to COVID-19 safety measures and will utilize these guidelines as a minimum standard and in most cases exceed the recommended requirement in an effort to provide all attendees with the safest possible environment.


Competition Schedule – each Event location will be updated regularly as public health information is received about current Covid 19 status and if there is any change to the current policy that is set forth herein, it will be established in the Competition Schedule on the website.
Cleaning/Sanitization – AAU Dance staff as well as venue staff will clean and sanitize the venue following each break in schedule or every 4 hours whichever comes first.
Cleaning Sanitization Products will be used that are recommended by the Health agency and/ Venue to ensure the health and well being of all AAU Dance attendees.
Hand Sanitizing Stations – will be located at various points around the venue specifically at venue entrances, vendors, backstage and ondeck.
Hand Sanitization Policy – Dancers will be required to sanitize hands prior to going on dance floor and immediately following performances – OnDeck Captains will be located on either side of dance floor to make certain this process is followed.
Competitors Entrances/Exit Policy – All routines will enter the ondeck/wing area from dance floor/stage from one side and exit the other side. (Example enter from right and exit dance floor/stage from left). If this is in conflict with the choreography, the studio representative must advise the Event Director or Stage Manager prior to the competitors entering the ondeck/ stage area in order to maintain proper distancing for all dancers that are entering and exiting.
OnDeck – only 1 routine or heat will be permitted in the ondeck/staging area at a time. Athletes will only be able to access ondeck after the routine / heat ahead of them has taken the floor/ stage.
Costumes – no points will be deducted if an athlete is not comfortable changing in the dressing rooms provided and would rather wear generic dancewear that meets the minimum dress code to compete in all of their routines.
Makeup / Hair – Athletes must come prepared to compete with hair and makeup completed before arrival.
Dressing Rooms – Athletes must come to event dressed for their first routine. Dressing rooms will be provided with Social Distancing measures in place. See Costumes above for more information.
Capacity Control – Once we are made aware of the capacity allowed we will work directly with studio director/representative to control the number of spectators permitted in the ballroom, Recreational Center or Theatre during each performance. At our discretion, we may allow fewer than state guidelines permit.
Temperature Checks – if required by state or local governments or if deemed a safety measure by AAU Dance , AAU Dance staff and/or venue staff will conduct temperature checks of every person entering the venue. We will utilize “no touch” infrared thermometers to perform this function if applicable. If required to check temperatures, any one attendee that registers 100.4 or higher will not be permitted to enter.
Waivers – waivers will be required to be signed by each individual attendee or parent or legal guardian for those under the age of 18. We will either email the waiver in advance of the event and/or utilize a “smart waiver” at entrance to venue.
Signage – there will be laminated signs placed in areas of the venue advising of safety policies and procedures.
Masks – All AAU Dance staff and Officials will be required to wear masks in accordance with state and local guidelines (with exception of judges while judging if utilizing live critiques and emcee while making announcements providing proper social distancing measures are taken) for the entirety of the event. Attendees and dancers will be required to follow state and local guidelines with regards to wearing masks. Event Director may require Mask as a safety precaution for athletes and attendees even if it is not a mandatory requirement by the State and local guidelines. By attending, everyone agrees to follow Event Guideline as a minimum precaution. Attendees and Athletes should arrive with masks. Masks will also be available for purchase.
Gloves – Vendors, staff, temperature checkers, cleaners and On Deck Captains will be required to wear latex free gloves while working in their positions.
Social Distancing Procedures – Judges will sit at separate tables to ensure that they remain 6′ apart, yellow tape will outline a 6′ area around sound and Floor or stage/ OnDeck Captains, yellow tape will be used to create standing areas 6′ apart at Vendor area as well as a barrier in front of retail tables, and audience seating will include blocking a 6′ wide middle section from back to front of seating and allowing attendees to utilize remaining seats in every other row. Venue size and layout will determine seating capacity.Tables and seats will be limited to seating availability determined by county/ venue guidelines for the best social distancing guidelines. Families and studio families will be permitted to sit together, however, all others will continue adhering to strict social distancing guidelines – the number of dancers on dance floor/stage will be determined by the size of dance area with appropriate distance between dancers. We will provide updates as available.
Cashless Retail – credit card or Venmo will be the only form of payment accepted at Vendor area and Clorox wipes will be used to wipe terminal and credit cards during each transaction.
Step & Repeat – in an effort to reduce the inclination for dancers to gather together in a small area we may not be setting up step & repeats for photo opportunities.
Music Upload – Studios are requested to upload their studio’s music prior to the music upload deadline date. While studios will still be required to have backup music on hand, upload will limit handling of USB and/or devices by our music director throughout the event.
Live Stream – we will live stream the event if possible, to limit the audience capacity while providing an option for those unable or not comfortable to attend with an opportunity to watch the event in real time.
Awards – upon completion of each segment, studio’s awards will be announced in order of performance and one athlete will represent their studio and will be permitted to enter the OnDeck/Floor/ stage to receive each adjudicated award.
Refund Policy – In the event of cancellation or postponement due to local, county or venue restrictions the following options will apply to payments received. [Option 1-Athletes may compete in a Virtual Event if offered at reduced cost with balance refunded [Option 2- If Event is postponed, Athletes may continue with entry forms/payment reserving competition space for new date [Option 3- Athlete may choose to receive a full refund. Please Note: Event Director must receive written email ( request for Option 3 within 7 days of posted notification of event status.Refunds are issued within 30 days of event cancellation date.
We encourage you to visit the website of the event you are attending frequently to determine any changes in the above guidelines. Keep in mind that guidelines can change rapidly in a pandemic environment.
Your support and loyalty are appreciated and we look forward to seeing you soon! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Wishing You A Wonderful Dancing Day!
AAU Dance National Executive Team

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