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                                                                             Thank You for Your Support!
We Appreciate You Booking Your Stay in One of The Event Hotels listed in this link!   When You Stay in One of Our Hotels You are Helping The Event to Continue to Grow and to Be Able to Provide You with Lowest & Best Possible Rates at Every Event!  Book by May 15, 2022 for the best rates. 
Using our Booking link will not only ensure you of a great discount but also will allow us to track how many attendees the event brings into the area. Click Here to reserve your Hotel Room:
Andrameda is our Amazing Booking Agent and ‘Eddie’ always makes sure we have the lowest rate even for extended stay if you want to come early or stay later than the event. If you need special rooms, locations or anything out of the norm please text us at 951-850 5318 for more assistance and ‘Eddie’ will find your perfect room or group of rooms. 
Be Aware! The rooms are First Come First Serve and We have sold out at the main hotel in the past 5 years so Book early to get the best rate. No worries, if you need to cancel- use the self-serve cancellation link in the confirmation email so the room can be returned to the block. We will add additional overflow hotels as needed.   Book Here:
If you are not finding what you want, choose ‘OTHER HOTELS’ at the bottom of the booking page. You will find many more rooms from very low prices to  one that will suit your budget. And if you dont see our Event logo on your checkout page – OOPS you are not on our site!      
When you book in one of our Event Hotels, show your reservation at  the Event Registration Desk for your Thank you Gift! We super appreciate all you do!
 Airfare, Rental Car or Trip Insurance can be viewed and booked here:    

Smiles Across the Miles!
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