WPForms Test


album = “Slug name of album” – Displays gallery of specific UPG-Post album/category.
tag = “Slug name of tag” – To display gallery of specific UPG-Post tags.
tag_show= “on/off” – To display related tags just above the gallery.
perpage = “No. of total post” – Number of total post to be displayed per page.
perrow = “No. of Rows/column” – Number of post to be displayed per row/horizontally.
page = “on | off” – Display page navigation if value is on. Only visible if perpage value is less then the total number of post.
orderby = “date | title | modified | ID | rand” – 5 different ways the gallery can be sorted.
date – Order by date. (‘post_date’ is also accepted.)
title – List by post title.
modified – Order by last modified date. (‘post_modified’ is also accepted.)
ID – Order by post id. Note the capitalization.
rand – List random post.
layout = “Gallery template name” – Each gallery can have their own type of layout. There are several default layouts available (i.e. list, flat , personal, etc.).
popup = “on | off” – The post when clicked will have a popup box instead going to another page. (Another page we call it as ‘preview page’)
button = “on | off” – The parameter is used to show a submission button at the gallery page. The submission button selected at UPG settings is displayed. If the shortcode parameter value is off , the buttons are not displayed even if it is set to show at UPG settings.
author = “on | off” – The parameter is used to show a author profile avatar at the top of gallery page.
user = “user’s username” – The parameter is used to show a post gallery submitted by a particular username.
show_mine user is reserved username of UPG.
login = “true” – Forces only logged in user can view the gallery.
filter = “image | embed” – If filter not specified it will show all upg post.
Scenario 1 – I want to display gallery where each column 3, total number of record each page is 6 from album ‘fruits’
[upg-list perrow=”3″ perpage=”6″ album=”fruits”]
Scenario 2 – I want only logged in member to view gallery
[upg-list login=”true”]
Scenario 3 – I want to show gallery of current logged in user
[upg-list user=”show_mine”]
Scenario 4 – I want to show latest uploaded gallery in ‘slide’ layout with popup enabled.
[upg-list layout=”slide” popup=”on” orderby=”modified”]

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